Monday, August 22, 2011

The Happiness Report

Yesterday was just... such a NICE day!!

Not anything special or spectacular... Just - HAPPY!

I woke up and went to hear my friend speak in church - it was fabulous!  Uplifting!

Then, I went for a drive up the I-51.
There are mountains all around (in the city) and it's peaceful on a Sunday!
Listened to my "KIDS of 88" cd from New Zealand! Oh I've missed you kids.

Talked to my Abb-ster and she said, "I want to see you today"  (50' high smiles)
I stopped by to say Hi and was greeted with the usual running leap into my arms - Huge Hug and a Kiss.  (Man, that is PRICELESS!)

Then I had to go home and see my Dixie-doo as she was SO frightened from me setting the kitchen on fire while trying to make breakfast.  (Did I forget to mention the smoke infested kitchen?)  Note to self:  Don't turn the burner on high with oil in it and go to the Loo and start texting.  oops!

I worked on finishing my orange Zig-Zag quilt.

Sat on the couch and watched a great movie full of song and dance.

Ate some healthy dinner... 

That's about it.  But my HEART was just FULLHappy!  Just... peaceful.  Knowing I had good friends, I got outside and saw some different scenery, didn't eat crap (ha), enjoyed my cozy house... Just NICE.  

Somedays, I think... Could Life GET Any Better Than THIS? 
It's pretty good since I've been looking for the GOOD

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