Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I got a habit...


It's my love, all I think about, what I wish I was doing all day long! 
But alas, a girls gotta bring home the bacon!  (eew bacon yuk)

I read like... 10 quilting blogs.  I love them!  
I'm a Ginger Monkey is my absolute FAV!
I talk about 'her' all the time, like we're actually friends.

I want to have something... productive, fun, entrepreneureal.  (sp?)
I think I want to do a quilting blog... 
But there's lots of other crafty things I do... 

So, what should I call my blog???  help!  This is a cry for HELP!  
Text me, email me, call me w/ ideas!

This is my latest invention for Patty's new babe BRIELLE!

Yes, Dixie gave it her stamp of approval for Stewie to sniff out!

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