Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Holy Schmoly Mackinole!

The Parentals were back in town for 10 days!
and WOWZERS - can they produce!
I go to work and they cross things off my list all day long!
Dreamy to have 2 delightful assistants!  ha ha!
But Seriously...

Let's just list what I can think of in say, a minute and a half...
Dad installed a drip system for plants on the patio and sprinklers for my baby Dissie grass.
Mom swept up dog hair like EVERY DAY!
Hung my V-day quilt + some other stuff.
Put screens in my mini windows so I can sleep in...
Cleaned the kitchen and did mad dishes after every meal.
Cooked dinners!
Made me make my bed every day for a soothing dreamy room.
Organized the garage and hung that HUGE frame to get it out of the way.
Cleaned the bathroom for my new roomie.
Helped me finish my Valentine's banner.
Got my oil changed... finally after 5 interviews w/ different oil changing joints.
Literally 5 trips to Home Depot x 2+ hours ea.
Chatted up the cute ol' lady at In-N-Out and got her life story.
Made it possible for me to go get my blood drawn.
Took Dixie out morning and night and for walks!
Mom - organized my closet!
Moved furniture around.
Helped me decorate the craft room some.
Put away straggling Christmas paraphanalia.
Stayed home to meet gal to buy my treadmill.
Washed my car.
Went to Abby's baptism w/ me.
Went Hiking!
Cook out at Auntie's.
Called on my internet... ugh.
Called on my cable upgrade...
Watched ALL the caucuses and debates and Stossel and Gretchen and Geraldo...
Watched the actual football part of the Superbowl (wow!)

WOW!  Seriously.  SO fun having them here, LOVE them SO so so SO much!
Thanks Mom & Dad!

CK & Dixie  (woof!)

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Kirsten said...

I love that cute old lady at in-n-out!