Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Special Delivery!

My friend Bryn brought me TREATS to my work today!

Today I am a mess, achey, pukey (etc), migraine, neck ache.  OY!

But she brought me my fav - a Starbucks Chai, a homemade
RED VELVET cupcake and CANDY! (I'm a candy fiend!)
SO thoughtful!

She said, 'you are the only one I know who LOVES Valentines Day, it's your favorite holiday'.  Ha!
It has been, love... red... pink... hearts... <3
Very thoughtful!

I looked at my LOVE post from last year, I love hearts!

I also attempted the chubby heart pillow by Noodlehead. 
(I like to call it chubby cause it's a deliciously plump heart!)

I had a bit of a hard time, since I didn't download the pattern template and tried to WING it on a curve for the 1st time!  ha.  Well, it's chubby! 

I've also been stalking my neighbor's porch - 
I snapped this shot, she busted me!!  Ah! 
ha ha ha, she came out and we met and I assured her I wasn't creepy!  
But - How dreamy is this porch?!

Anywho - Why not love Valentines!  I think I make a good case :)

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