Sunday, January 29, 2012

Diet/Vegetarian/Gluten Free

This weekend I had the opportunity to try Gluten free Brownies - 
Ick, seriously like... chalky blah - spit it out! 

My 2 GF's Carrie & Cara are into Smoothies!  
Veggies - grapes, broccoli (eew), KALE, basically anything!

Here's proof I drank a smoothie and, it was pretty good!! 

Thanks Cara!  yumm!

The girls didn't drink theirs... but when offered to come over for dinner and ice cream w/ Grandma & Grandpa M & M (which they've affectionately named my parents), 
They SUCKED those hour old/warmish smoothies down!  

Ice Cream goes a long way :)

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