Sunday, January 15, 2012

I REALLY couldn't walk the next day.

Hike From Hell-o
(I didn't name it that, GB did)
6 hours
San Tan Mountains 1/14/2012

It wasn't horrible... 
I just LITERALLY couldn't walk the next day!
and didn't get out of bed till 11 am.  And hobbled around ALL day.
And had scratches from BUSHWACKING! 

But, it was fun.  (no exclamation mark) 
And - Worth It!
It was SO beautiful!! (yes, even in the desert)
But - Been there, done that.  Don't need to do it again :)

GB spent hours GPS'ing this hike - bless her heart.  
She is a mountain goat! 
Mel is a die hard! 

I, didn't wear pants and then coming down my knees hurt so bad - I cried.  
What a dork!

It wasn't the Cave Trail or Peraulta, it was the other side.
We swung out into the green wilderness.  

It was neat because it was different and we were seriously scaling boulders!  
(not over the shoulder bouldering tho)

I'm Grateful for Glenda - and for her being a Leader and for putting up w/ my pain!
i mean my pain in her behind!  :)

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