Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar, Yes please!

Growing up my favorite book was "The girl with 100 dresses". (it's now out of print and I would love to find a copy!) It was about a girl who wasn't popular and really shy but when people found out she had 100 dresses, she was suddenly special. I love dressing up and try to buy a fancy dress every summer, seriously I have a bunch! Since I find myself obsessed w/ dresses/gowns... here is my expert review on the Academy Award ensembles...

A surprising Sophisticate! Love this color (blue was all the rage) and such a sexy gown!

I sing the praises of Gray! Great lines and lovely!

What's happening right here? Dunkin Donuts...

Wow! Demi is AMAZING in this, AmAzInG dress!

This dress looks like a Tsunami, ready to hit!

Different, it's cute that it's short in front, Gorgeous details

Queen Latifah, Winner in this, Beautiful and Blingy!

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