Friday, March 12, 2010

Good-bye Muffin Top

The Catz Diet -
When I started at my new job TPI in the fall, my new boss said, 'this place will change your life'.  Secretly I wished I could get skinny like the other 3 girls that work here.  Their secret, CATZ.  Catz is a gym that is an athletic training center based on classes, kind of like bootcamp.  The trainers, Morgan & Clark yell at you, encourage & keep you accountable.  My wish came true when I got to join the January 'challenge' thanks to a lil Christmas bonus, Whoot!  So, 8 weeks (technically 7 + 3.5 days) of hard work & scant eating has helped my body look... less muffin topped & much stronger!  Seriously the diet is the key!!!  I did bootcamp religiously last fall for 3 months & gained 6 lbs, blah.  (however, I love bootcamp!)  Catz 8 week program = 18 lbs down!  Sweeet!!!    The trainers set your goals & you have no input!  scary!  For every week you make your goal, you get $25 credit toward more training/classes.  We have to write down all our food, every bite!  Here's how 'THE CHALLENGE' went:

Week 1 - It was exciting to weigh in & try out their eating plan.  Eat 4-5 x's a day, every meal is a veggie, lean protein & fruit each the size of filling up your cupped palm.  Ate eggs every morning (I don't love eggs but, they are good for you) & didn't eat out at all!  (that's a 1st)  Of course, since I stopped drinking soda & eating sugar, it was a great week! 
Worked out 6 days = 6 hrs
Loss:  8.1 lbs, made goal!
Cheats:  3 bites mashed potatoes, 2 pieces of candy & a homemade chai. 

Week 2 - Ate well, added yogurt due to a necessary egg break, craved brownies.
Worked out 4 days = 5.5 hrs
Loss:  1/2 lb, made goal!
Cheats:  1/2 c. ice cream after weighing in (duh), & 1/2 c. hashbrowns w/ ketchup, mmm.

Week 3 -  Was really good at eating & working out this week!  Went on a singles dinner group date (mayday!).  The restaurant was some indian, vegan place & nothing looked remotely like anything I’ve ever eaten!  (p.s. of the 5 ‘eligible bachelors’ at this dinner… 2 were SUPER metro/effeminate, 1 was Star Trek weird, 1 was all over the girl next to him & the Mark Wahlberg look-alike was shorter than me.) yikes!
Worked out 7 days = 9 hrs
Loss:  1.4 lbs  made goal!
Cheats:  french fries & 4 hershey kisses.

Week 4 –  Seriously worked out a ton!  This is the week the smoothies began!  Glenda (my coworker who made me join Catz) & I went grocery shopping & bought protein powder, fruit, naked juice & yogurt.  YUMMY homemade smoothies every morning!  
Worked out 5 days = 9 hrs
Loss:  2.9 lbs, made goal!
Cheats:  a piece of pizza – I was in Flagstaff & they didn’t have salad!  Man I don’t know if I’ve lived that one down yet.

Week 5 -  Danced my guts out at the Phoenix concert, this is a FABULOUS band from Paris, so much fun!   Of course, I’m a beer magnet so at the end, when they told everyone to come up on stage to celebrate with them that they had just won a Grammy the night before, someone threw their beer into the audience and… Chelsa got beer boobs!   Sadly, it stained my cute shirt, boo.

Worked out 6 days = 7 hrs

Loss:  1.2 lbs

Cheats:  Chai & a cookie

Week 6 – Jordan’s my dearest’s Birthday at work, made & frosted 3 dozen cupcakes!!  
 Worked out 5 days = 5.5 hrs
Loss:  1.1 lbs
Cheats:  2-3 cupcakes, mmm

Week 7 – It was a blur, Glenda & I did Catz every day & then went to the regular gym every day for an hour.  Only saving grace – the eucalyptus sauna at her gym, I call it the Taj Mahal! 

Worked out every day
Loss:  .8  Lbs 
Cheats:  NONE!  Clark screamed at me!

Week 8 – Hello Mommy!  Michele comes for a visit & I’m the food Nazi!  My aunt’s neighbor had a jewelry party for me & I… was required to bring a cake.  I know weird.  Party for me, I have to bring the dessert.  I made tons more jewelry & it was a blast.  So I thought I would have a piece of my delicious cake (really it’s Rach’s recipe for the cholcolate bundt cake, thank you this cake is always a hit!).  My cake was sitting on the table in front of me, & the wild beagle dog jumped up & ate ½ my cake!  Aarrrgh!  It was funny! 

Worked out EVERY day for 1 ½ - 2 hrs (made Mom work out too)
Loss:  1.9  Lbs
Cheats:  ½ a dog-munched piece of cake! 
Total Loss in 7 weeks 4 days, 18 lbs!!!  Wha-hoo!  Good-bye Muffin Top!


Marianne said... are hilarious and I can't wait for you updates!!! I am so proud of you! 18 lbs is fantastic!!!

The Benites Family said...

Welcome to blog world! I am so proud of you, keep up the good work. Miss you!

Julie Hemmert said...

Good Job!! I am so proud! Matt and I gave each other a treadmill for our 10 year anniversary. I have lost 24 lbs since Halloween. I still have a long way to go but at least it is a start!