Friday, March 19, 2010

Sunshine, Snakes & Leprechauns

Good Morning from Gilbert! 

 I drive to work thru this neighborhood called the islands.
It is 2 miles made up of homes on these finger-lakes,
I would love to kayak up and down each one!

Last Saturday, Olivia got some sweet Spring Training Baseball tickets, VIP no less, to the
Diamondbacks-Dodgers game in Tucson.
  Breakfast, limo (ok a charter bus) to Tucson, catered lunch, meet the players and... 

Take Me Out To The Ball Game.

There was this guy... with this awesome hat...
(no ring, single and wild, like OP)
 so reminiscent of Olivia's yearbook picture...
I literally insisted/forced them to have a pic together! 
I love Olivia... and Raula the snake, about as much as she loves Dixie!
What's not to love?  
Oh that bald spot on her neck... Oh yeah, that's b/c I bought her a cute metal, double-sided charm at a boutique and put it on her collar... it was so heavy, it rubbed her naked!  oops.
(photo courtesy of Emily, yes - she hand crafted that head-dress for Thanksgiving!)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!
Of course, I had to make my traditional Leprechaun (lemon) Cake, mmm
It was a BIG hit at work & thanks all who provided Fresh Lemons!

I kinda look like a Leprechaun w/ the red hair & green jacket
(my new sweet purchase from Dick's, $16)
Easy Breezy, Green & Cheesy!

Thanks to the parental unit for driving green hostess snowball cupcakes all the way to AZ this week!

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Ryan & Sarah Terry said...

wHat!!? Your not blonde anymore?! You look so cute. I'm sad I missed out on your cake. I bet it was delish!