Tuesday, March 9, 2010



The book about dresses that I referenced from 4th grade is precisely called
The Hundred Dresses, by Eleanor Estes
So I actually found a 1st edition at the library last night!
Yeah, nerdy going to the library but hey...
It was copyrighted in 1944, Sweet!

Went home and started reading it standing up in the kitchen making clam chowder.
Happily, Rach (my Barnes & Noble BF & fellow book lover) called right then!
I had the chance to discuss w/ her! She was right in remembering that it wasn't a particularly happy ending. Hmmm, but a good lesson at that!
Finished reading it to Dixie-dog in bed, snugglin. ha!
I remember after reading this, I drew and drew a little book of dresses myself, paper folded in 1/2 and stapled in the middle. I must take after Ma Mere, Miss Fashion Design major!

So I got to thinking about another book I remember loving from like, 7th grade
Girl with the Silver Eyes, by Willo Davis Roberts
Also picked it up at the library and I'm going to read it this week.

As I'm talking about fav's, here is my grown up FAV!
The Mercy of Thin Air, by Ronlyn Dominque
I love it b/c it is a thought provoking story about the evolution of womanhood and life 'between'... earth, the veil and beyond. It really is beautifully written!
For a review, click here

Check em out! Good reads!

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