Thursday, June 23, 2011

What's goin on over there?

Projects, projects, projects.
That's what's been going on over here!
My side yard leaves much to be desired... but it's a work in progress!  
Miss Dixie loves to go out and run in the grass AND, the new house has a dog door!
So, grass it is!  (I loooove green grass!)
Mom thought we could do it ourselves... 
Ya, i'm kinda tough.  But we should have started
at 6am instead of 11!  HOT!

My car got a little scratched and a LOT of dirty!
(Dirtier than normal!)  These were heavy!
And, since it was so hot... I had to only wear my sports bra and shorts, ha!  Let's just say I had scratches on my stomach from the crusty dirt.

Here's the before!  It's about 5' x 11'.  And it was... DRY!  and... ROCKY!   Rake, RAKE, rake...

Mix in 2 bags of soil and some vitamins... Rake, rake, RAKE...
Haul the sod over, unroll, butt up against the house and mesh rows together

And watch your pup ENJOY!!!  ha ha ha!  As soon as we had one row down, Dixie was ALL OVER IT!!  Scratching her head and rolling in the grass!  Pretty quick return on investment I'd say!  :)

All done!  It took about an hour, may 90 min. total!  Whoot!


This is almost 2 weeks later, 2-3 sprinkling sessions a day and... it almost needs a haircut!  Def taking root and the rows are meshing together nicely!!!  

I think Dixie is using it during the day... hopefully!

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Cara @ Gardenview Cottage said...

yes it does look fantastic! I've seen it in person.