Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday

My friend posted this awhile ago...

Funny... but true.  
I don't feel like being awesome today so,
instead of being sad,
I'm going to be Grateful.  
hmmm, 10 things I'm grateful for...

1.  Warm Banana Bread
2.  Green Grass
3.  A Pink Velvet, Tufted, Chippendale Couch
4.  Someone KINDLY doing my expense check!  Thank you sweet gal!
5.  Quiet days at the office
6.  Dixies excitement when I get home
7.  Tan girlies hugging me and giving me a smooch!
8.  Ruffles
9.  Euro Pop Music!  fun!
10.  Lunch dates
11.  Upcoming Holidays
12.  Cool evenings
13.  My comfy bed
14.  My talents
15.  A back rub! So Nice!
16.  Fun 'GOOGLE' headers!  Love when they change it to something fun!

(wow, grumpy gus came up w/ 16!)

Happy Tuesday!

1 comment:

Cara @ Gardenview Cottage said...

love your list and ♥ u! xoxo