Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Good Think...

Yesterday, was SO crappy.  Ick, Yuck and Blech!  Daily, I think of fun blog posts and how I need to get my feelings out and just write!  But, I'm lazy, and for the last month or so only seen the yucky in everything.  Which is kind of what I wanted to see.  My parents raised me to be very positive and find the good and to let things roll off my back.  Which is exceptional and I am so blessed b/c I feel like it's helped me get thru lots of stuff.  But yesterday, my friend's comment rather put my 'Vacation Hangover' in perspective.  (I always get trunky after a fabulous vaca!)

The day started out with a message from my most recent beau of 4 mo. saying that he's engaged!  GAG!  WTH?!  He met her the week after we stopped talking and LESS than 2 mo's later, they are engaged and getting married in September.  WTH!  I really don't believe this crap happens.  "Ah, we saw each other and we just knew... I knew he was the one on our 2nd date... I just can't describe how it feels... I can't believe this happened to me, if it happened to you - I wouldn't believe it was real either!"  Really, these are things people say, I am more level headed I guess.  Ya, I'd like the Knight on a white horse but... realistically ya gotta to know someone.  Peeps are crazy these days.

Work crap - I'm everyone's 'GO-TO' girl and do it ALL!  Literally.  People I work w/ are rude and ridiculous.  THEN... my car.  My beloved red Volvo - I try to take such good care of you Aidan (my car) but you keep being SO high-maintenance, and I'd really like to keep you longer than your brothers and sisters!  I got my car aligned and the oil changed and washed and drove to Cali 2 weeks ago.  Now, my car is shaking when I drive over 45 so I take it in to get the tires balanced and rotated (every 4-6 mo) and dude tells me I need 2 new tires and I'm gonna have a blow-out any second b/c the back 2 are worn down to the metal on the inside.  Basically - someone did a shotty job on aligning my car.  I've bought tires now 3 yrs in a row!  What happened to tires lasting 30K miles?  Anywho... on to the perspective.

I was venting to my friend who has a lot of trials herself.  i.e. Someone stole parts of her car totalling $4K, then at a work function - her hub caps were stolen, health issues w/ the fam etc.  She said, "I keep praying for this to be over".  Over?  All of 'this'?  um, that seems a little dramatic to me.  So I went home and pondered that.  Pondered deeper than I usually like to go (ha).  Car problems, bike accidents, illness, discontentment w/ friends and/or family is NOT worth wishing the whole world would end.  I thought, there are SO many things to be happy about.  Good friends, your favorite tv show, a manic wagging tail when I come home every day, kisses from kids, knowing who we are, serving others, new shoes, Fridays... etc. 

So I decided to put my happy pants on.  No more moping and griping and I will work on the not being bitter part.  hmmm.  So I decided to wake up happy today.  I decided to put on make-up (it's been awhile!).  I decided to think of how I could ease others burdens.  I decided to try to mend friendships.  I decided to pray for others instead of thinking about my crap.  Today I said to my friend, "thank you for your comment about wanting this all to 'end', it really made me think."  She said - "Oh, I didn't mean it thaaaat way!  Just that I was at my limit with trials".  HA!  Well, they way I took it is what I think I needed to hear.  It must have been that that's what I NEEDED to see my way out of the fog. 

So, not that things are all better over night.  I just WANT to wake up happy and not think MY trials are so huge.  

Here's to TRYING!!

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