Friday, July 16, 2010

A Scorpion Hunting we will go...

So, I'm not a fan, I've only seen one - BIG one since I've moved to AZ (knock on wood) but...  A couple weeks ago Jeff had caught 4, a cockroach and a BLACK WIDOW!  In a jar, we rustled them to fight, then put them back in the garage for safety.  An hour and a half later, we went to get something and saw that the black widow was mangled!
Spider legs - GONE, Spider head - GONE,  Spider body... stuck on a Scorpion's head!! 
He was wiggling his pincher arms frantically with the round black body with the red hourglass STUCK on his face, I think he was eating it from the inside out!  Siiiick!  (I wish I had a pic of that!)

The other night, someone gave a shout-out to go Scorpion Hunting!  EWE!  Right?!  Yes, Intriguing.
I called Jeff up to bring his black light, he brought chop sticks to catch them with too.
We only found 2 but the party planner had a jar of dead ones.  We doused them in alcohol and set them AFLAME in the dirt.  It was weird, the pile glowed fluorescent green and was burning, EVIL!  

So I did a little tribal scorpion dance of triumph around the fire.  
This is what 115 degree weather makes you do.