Monday, July 12, 2010

Ah, the singles scene...

There was the annual Mid-Singles bowling night about a week ago.  
I like bowling, thus... I will attend this event - not too scary.
However, upon arrival none of my peeps wanted to bowl, boo!

So we're standing around chatting and I hitch up a bar stool next to Suz.  I'm kind-of on the side of our clan and OF COURSE... creepy nerdy guy sees my smiling, nice, approachable face and creeps over.
Does he speak, no.  He just invades my bubble and stares at me.  Naturally, if a guy approaches it's my job to do the talking - DUH, NO!  As Bryn would say, "Awkward!" 
My peeps see this encounter is going to go down and yes... let a little smile escape and... WATCH...

Me: "Hi there"
Geek: (bless his heart)  "Hi"
Me:  "Havin fun?"
Geek:  "Yes"
long pause
Me:  "what's your name"
Geek:  "Ben"
long pause
Me:  "well, I'm Chelsa"
Ben:  "Chelsea"
Me:  "no, Chelsaaaahhh"
Ben:  thinking
Ben:  "Chelsea huh, I had a dog named Chelsea, (slight laugh).  She wasn't the kind of dog you want to remember"
Me:  big eyes... "well, my name is Chelsaaaahh, maybe you could remember that, it's not a dog name!"

Jeff:  "Hey Chelsa, let's go get some shoes, didn't you want to bowl?  Let's go see if they have shoes"
Chelsa exits here...

Ridiculous.  Thanks Jeff  :)  glad I could help everyone out with a good laugh!

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Julie Hemmert said...

WOW! Thanks for the laugh! Don't miss those awkward moments one bit!