Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Derby Dames

My workout friend Melanie and I went to check out the AZ Derby Dames!  
She is a frequent roller-blader and I own sketcher roller-skates, so... 
we totally are hot Derby Dames!  Whoot!
It was SO fun!  Loud, fun music, lots of people watching and fun costumes!  
Oh yeah, and the speedy Jammers and ever-steadfast Blockers.  
It's easy to understand, have you seen Whip It yet?  
Produced by Drew Barrymore, GREAT MOVIE!
The teams we liked best were, School Yard Scrappers!  
One girl had the most hilarious name!  
The other teams were the Bombshells  
(Melanie picked their team)
Runaway Brides - (this would be MY pick!  ha!)
I think we may try out in November!  Wild women!  
(really, it's not all that violent)

Oh and the stadium was like a meat locker cold - 
and the music was uber loud - 
and I dozed off at 10:15 pm.  Dude!

Oh Yeah, Melanie makes these SO cute wipey cases

Let me know if you want one, she sells them!

And they are the travel size, flat ones
So all your friends will be envious of your cute wipey tote!

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Cindy said...

I would so love Roller Derby...I liked that movie too!! I could just see you doing it!