Monday, October 25, 2010

The GHOST rides again...

Mr. Head loves his house.  He likes to make sure he approves of each resident. 

The first renter was a lovely young couple.  She was super hot and had a rockin bod.  One morning the lady of the house woke early for work and jumped in the shower at about 5 am.  She is showering away, washing her hair and heard a man's voice say, "are you almost done?".  She hollered back, "yeah, almost done!"  Then he said, "Are you done in there?"  "Yes, be out in a second" she called back.  
When she got out of the shower she peeked into the hall, didn't see her hubby.  She went into the bedroom he... was fast asleep!  

When she talked to her hubby later in the day, he said he hadn't woken up until after she left and did not even hear her in the shower.  

Mr. Head had a Good Morning Looky-Loo!  

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