Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Camping, finally!

All summer I've been waiting to go camping.  It's weird to go alone, or w/ a bunch of families and like, pitch  my own lil tent, ha.  So, when Kirsten's hubby was in Italy, I volunteered to be her muscle.  We went up past Payson to Christopher Creek. (Ironically, Kirsten and I are the same age and both from SLC)  And, Istopper, I can't get enough of you!

Luckily her tent was the same as my Dad's so that worked out well.  Her kids are super helpful and had so much playing and getting dirty!  Nick put up the boy tent on the left and we wrestled the girl tent on the right.

Madison & Jillian had so much fun!
Kirsten made delicious tin-foil dinners which we cooked on coals.  I brought glow-stick-bracelets for the kids and they were the only ones w/ them in the camp.  

In the morning we played games, balloon toss, potato sack races and they went on a little hike.  
 Zach rocked it in the potato sack!
It was so nice being in the mountains (even though it was only cool at night) and surrounded by green. 

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Kirsten said...

We loved having you! thanks for coming! and Istopper asks about you all the stinking time. "Where's Chelsa?" "I go play at Chelsa's house please?"