Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Snake Lady Returns

This week, Olivia texted me, the snake charmer and said Raula was banging around her cage hungry once more. What was I to do... say no to an opportunity to serve... dinner. HA!

This time I went to Petsmart. The wouldn't sell me a live rat (said it was inhumane) - they only sell FrOzEn ones - SICK!!! Her highness is not going to eat a defrosted rodent, no sireee. Found some willing workers at Petco. But... I had to stop at Michael's and pick up some paint before they closed. Thought about the snowy creature escaping in my car while I was out, I risked it.

Got back to the house, my heart was pounding rapidly - took the log out - Raula's head was on the log this time, shook her off. And BAM chucked that fluffy din-din into the cage and slammed the top shut. 1.3 seconds later, post pounce, I could only see a white bum in mid-air. Departed before any wimpering.

Am I a good friend or whaaaat!!! LOL. (I'm really not looking for praise)

JuSt SoMe of the good deeds Oliv has done for me...

1. Sprayed my house and exterior for bugs, twice
2. Cleaned my kitchen
3. Helped me dust and cleaned my hot pink bathroom prior to a visitor or 2
4. Fixed my front door lock when Em accidentally broke her key in it after days of rain
5. Fixed my lock when it just popped off the door
6. Took Dixie out to potty one day - she said it took an hour.
(I think she had sunstroke and lost track of time)
And more and more, on and on! I really am the lucky one.

Please see: Snake Charmer tackles the office!

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