Saturday, September 18, 2010

Anyone for Bungee?!

I did it!  I really JUMPED!  EYE can't even believe it!!
I was a big NO BUNGEE - TOO HIGH
Then I saw the bridge... And said, "That's not THAT big"
43 Meters = 145' or something
Cat talked me into doing tandem, you fall TWICE as fast
so I figured... 4 seconds...
I can do anything for 4 seconds!
I was fine, breathing - yoga style until...
We had to stand on the edge...
We didn't want to stall... I think the guy pushed us!
"shuffle to the edge..."  (pounding heart)
EYES squished shut - tight!
Wait, that's not me screaming, HA!
It was Cat!  Aaaallll the way down!

then, looking around it was AmAzInG & beautiful!
Stars were dancing all around our heads, HA!
We got picked up by dudes in the raft, they were wearing creepy kidnapper masks, HA
We had a good laugh and then...
Had to hike like 400 steps back up!

Sweet AS!

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Kirsten said...

that looks like so much fun! (and way scary)