Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Snake in the office!

Thats what I kept yelling... 
As I came out of our Friday meeting to go potty...
there was a brown SNAKE in front of the ladies room door! 
Just slithering around.  So... I screamed, repeatedly!
As I screamed, Mr. Snakey tried to get away down the hall.
Brent and Daniel came up the hall, smiling.
Brent started stomping at it.
So Mr. Snakey slithered back my way, NO!
Glenda came out and tried to step ON him, in her heels.
He wrapped up on her foot - eek!
Brent stepped on him w/ his big man shoes...
Snakey curled up onto the toe.
Glenda:  "i know, i'll get the raid!"
So, a puddle of raid later, Mr. Snakey was still alive.
Note:  Raid does not kill snakes.  
Brent took the can and smashed it on the lil snakey's neck till he
died...  like 5 min later!  SICK!!!  
To all those animal rights activists...
Mr. Snake was in our environment, so he's free game yo!

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