Monday, August 30, 2010

What makes you smile?

I just read this FABULOUS article by Jeffrey Gitomer, the sales guru of all guru's.  This reminded me of an encounter I witnessed last week at LAX that really warmed my heart and made me smile! 

Coming home from New Zealand was so sad, very sad for various reasons and I was tired, all cried out that my vaca was over and poopy faced after 2 flights totalling 17.5 hours and 7 hours of idle time. 

So I was riding the shuttle bus from one terminal to the next, waiting for my stop.  We were stopped and a woman ran by our bus, waiving, trying to catch the bus behind us before it pulled out.  She was frantic.  I don't think the bus behind us could see her coming but our sweet bus driver saw her and started honking madly and wildly waving his arm out the window to our bus at the one that was now pulling up alongside us.  He stopped the driver, told him to hold on, ran out our doors to the deflated woman standing on the curb at the rear of our bus.  He told her that he had caught the bus and grabbed her bag, she followed into the road between our buses and he loaded her bag on for her.  Gave a happy waive to the other driver and hopped back on our bus.  Wow.  So very thoughtful!  It really made my heart flutter at his kindness.  A smile spread across my lips and I couldn't stop.  

I was amazed, in LA and at a busy, traffic jammed airport... unselfish service.  I looked up at the sunshine and palm trees and was so grateful for that man and his act that completely uplifted me.

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