Monday, August 12, 2013

Dirty Hippy Recognition

I’m not sure what motivates me but I need motivation!

I’m feel ick, I feel like I look ick…

And I’ve been channeling dirty hippy for months. 

I realized this yesterday when I looked at my hair in the mirror.  My hair is my crowning glory.  Blonde, straight, thick, long, healthy… I pride myself on this.  But alas, step one of the summer of dirty hippy was getting my hair darkened.  What?!  Summer is for bright blonde.  Also for having a tan – which I haven’t…

So I requested low lights to help me stop looking so pale.  I finally found my ‘tan/bronze’ base make-up about July but the scarcity that I’ve been using foundation is frightening.

So I look in the mirror yesterday and see… jacked up bent fuzzy pieces of hair, bangs twisted into a bobby-pin, pony tail with fuzzy ends and waves. Um, eek!  I showered the night before and slept in a bun in hopes of waves/curls (which I’ve never been able to achieve).  Well, it didn’t work and I ended up looking unkempt, like I don’t own a brush or flat iron. 


And the make-up yesterday – nill.  Age spots and freckles were abundant.  Thank goodness for recycled eyeliner and fake lashes. 

I need to pull it together. 
I need to wake up early.
I need more hours in the day.
I need a spray tan!  (this is attainable)
I need to lose this belly that says, I’m a mother of 6.

Ideas for motivation:
Work 6 hours a day
Work-out 2 hours a day
Only after working out… I am allowed to watch 3 hours of tivo while laying on the couch.

Yes, this sounds perfect!

About lunchtime, upon this dirty hippy recognition, I decide I am definitely working out tonight!  TONIGHT damn it.   

4pm – sinuses and throat burning
5pm – dying to lay down
6 pm – definitely getting sick
7 pm – lay on the couch in work-out clothes determined
8 pm – take Dixie out and wander over to the neighbors where she drugs me to high heaven
9 pm – go to bed alone.  Dixie just ate and I can't risk having to wake up at 4am to take her out feeling like this.

Good night.  No work out… again.

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