Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Emily's Wedding

Dum Dum Da Duuummmmm....
Oh my bestie Emily got married! 
Emily was my 1st friend and BEST in AZ and we lived together for 5 years. 
She is like the sister I never had :)
About a year ago she moved to Florida and met a perfect southern gentleman!
Mr. Cook (insert hearts and birds singing here)
She asked me to be in her wedding and come to FL!
Of course how much fun it was!!! 
 We had a fabulous Bachelorette day! 
manis/pedis, lunch, shopping
buying eyelashes and treats for Em's honeymoon cruise!

We had a super fun wedding rehersal & dinner the night before.
Emily had a little surprise in store for us...
after the bride and groom left the aisle at the end,
'black & yellow' started playing and the wedding party had to DANCE our way back down the aisle to the outside!  ha ha ha 

Em asked me to do her hair and make up
We had lots of fun getting gussied up!

 (look how excited Mr. Cook is!)
Emily's cousin Abby and I had so much fun, Abby is truly an amazing woman! 
I am so blessed to have all these girls in my life! 
When her Dad walked in to get her he had to catch his breath :)
She was SO beautiful!
We had such a fun day and Emily looked so beautimous!!  (of course!)
Side note:  of course I had to be tan, hello - FL wedding..
So I got spray tanned and when I got to FL...
well... it was a little orange!   
Luckily it wore off :)

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