Monday, March 12, 2012

Baby Brielle!

Light Switches?  
I expanded this pattern to make it crib size.
Patty had found sheets and drapes in these colors but no quilt... 
So, we had to matchy!  
It matches Perfect!
Oh Dixie, you loved on this quilt b/c you knew Brielle has 2 Yorkie Brothers, huh?!

So Patty said she liked the Vintage look, aged pinks and tans.  
It's not what I expected from her but... 
I really like how it came together!  
I found some Civil War prints at Quilters Oasis and bought 20 prints! 

This is one of my fav blocks, the tan w/ little buds.  
The quilting is daisies in white which turned out super cute and girly!!
(thanks Mom, she got it quilted in ONE week, unheard of!)
Olivia said they look like Light Switches, which is funny cause they really kinda do!  

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